Press Release September 21 2017

Press Release September 21 2017

Winner-take-all: a case for rare-metal mining on Mars with MATT


Image credit: UNSW

September 21, 2017 – The Lake Matthew Team, inventors of the Mars Terraformer Transfer (MATT), have outlined a case for Mars mining in conference at OEMF2017.

Mars has potential for rare-metal mining, and even a strategic rare-metal reserve. MATT resources and Omaha Trail logistics can maximize mining efficiency and speed development. A forthcoming article in New Space journal explores the business case.

The Lake Matthew Team asserts:

“When Martians scoop their first bucket of ore, low-g metal mines lose commercial viability.”

This assertion derives from certain advantages of the martian opportunity.

Advantages of Mars mining over deep-space low-g asteroid mining:

Mars is enriched in highly siderophile elements and has preserved impactors. It’s a great prospect awaiting its first orbital metal survey.

MATT makes possible spacious facilities to accommodate mining crews and headquarters. The resources of Omaha Crater are designed to enable the most spacious and mass-efficient facilities ever conceived for Mars.

Virtual-reality (VR) telerobotics from Omaha Crater can enable efficient mine operation. Omaha Crater VR would be true real-time VR, better even than lunar VR from Earth, which suffers badly from the 2.6-second delay.

Mars gravity and the presence of a mining crew can dramatically simplify mine and plant design, and simplify also the operation of these facilities. Indoor plant equipment can operate much as it does on Earth.

MATT has potential to establish an ISRU consortium, offering technical, financial and legal basis for Mars mining.

SpaceX et al. would be committing large transport craft, available for contracted deliveries. Return flights could accommodate many tons of metal cargo.

The Omaha Trail leads to extremely high efficiency of cargo and metal delivery. The Omaha Trail, by itself, would provide nearly an order-of-magnitude improvement in delivery efficiency, relative to SpaceX baseline measures, with corresponding cost reduction.


The Lake Matthew Team believes these advantages justify the winner-take-all assertion:

“When Martians scoop their first bucket of ore, low-g metal mines lose commercial viability.”

The Lake Matthew Team is fielding commercial inquiries under NDA at

More Information:

For an overview of the case for Mars mining with MATT, see the attached presentation from OEMF2017: 3rd Off-Earth Mining Forum. Speaker notes are appended on most pages.